GES-2 Project, Moscow (project stage)
Renzo Piano Building Workshop 

GES-2 Project, Moscow (project stage)

Renzo Piano Building Workshop 

Located in Moscow, the GES-2 is a magnificent historical power station built between 1904 and 1908. The project consists in the reconversion of this building in a space conceived as a very articulated experience going from visual arts to performing arts, passing through a civic free space destined to people. Everything in an overall building area of 20,000 square meters, framed by nature in a square of 2 hectares.

After the dismantling of the technical equipment, the proposal intends to demolish all added structures to bring the building back to its original volumes and spaces. Once the building is cleaned, restored, and consolidated, the idea is to organize the new functions following a scheme similar to the one used to organize the equipment in the first power station. According to this scheme, the central nave will be kept free of structures or other bulky elements that could obstruct the perception on its entire length.

One of the strongest statements in the project is that the original steel structures will need to be preserved as much as possible. After chemical analysis, it will be necessary to inspect every and each truss to identify and replace the damaged steel members as well as the nailed connections.

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Proyecto GES-2?GES-2 Project

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The V-A-C Foundation

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Renzo Piano Building Workshop en colaboración con in collaboration with APEX Project Bureau

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