Trieste Museum of the Sea

Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra 

The Magazzino 26 building in the Porto Vecchio of Trieste is to be refurbished for a new cultural use. Striking a dialogue between historical and modern elements, an element will be added on the roof, in the central volume and along the vertical axis. The upper part, made of glass and providing the sea museum with a lookout point, is thought out to be multipurpose. The lower one will harbor a restaurant. Inside, some horizontal slabs are to be removed, specifically the second- and third-floor ones, in order to include gently sloping ramps in the visitor route. Floor plates will also be eliminated in the central volume so that natural light can shine in. Also to be added are transversal bands on either side of the large halls, in accordance with functional requirements. Construction work is set to begin this June 2022.