Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City
Steven Holl 

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

Steven Holl 

Carlos Jiménez

Kansas City, Missouri, can boast of one of the most admired and privileged museums in the United States. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is not just a regional museum but, since it first opened in 1933, the cultural epicenter of one of the most renowned cities of the American Midwest. The museum’s august Beaux-Arts building, along with its sumptuous and extensive grounds, posed a challenge when the museum embarked on a major expansion and transformation campaign in 1998. Many already considered The Nelson, as the museum is known in Kansas City, to be a complete, pristine and incomparable merger of landscape and architecture. Of critical concern to the museum’s trustees and administrators though was how best to add to and transform such an icon, especially one of such classical fullness and with such an intimidating legacy. Supported by public surveys and advice from a community with a deep affection for the museum, a program was outlined to redefine the museum’s image. Paramount in everyone’s minds was a desire to make the museum more accessible and useful to its community. The marvelous, encyclopedic collection and splendid grounds of the Nelson would now be cast as a broader cultural enterprise at the service of citizens and visitors alike... [+]

Cliente Client

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Arquitectos Architects

Steven Holl, Chris McVoy

Colaboradores Collaborators

Gabriela Barman-Kraemer, Matthias Blass, Molly Blieden, Elsa Chryssochoides, Robert Edmonds, Simone Giostra, Annette Goderbauer, Mimi Hoang, Makram el-Kadi, Edward Lalonde, Li Hu, Justin Korhammer, Linda Lee, Fabian Llonch, Stephen O'Dell, Susi Sanchez, Irene Vogt, Urs Vogt, Christian WassmannM. Cox, R. Tobias, G. Barman-Kraemer; Berkebile Nelson Immenschuh McDowell Architects (arquitectos locales local architects)

Consultores Consultants

Guy Nordenson and Associates, Structural Engineering Associates (estructura structural engineers); Ove Arup & Partners (instalaciones mechanical engineers); R.A. Heintges & Associates (fachade facade); Renfro Design Group (iluminación lighting consultant); Gould Evans and Olin Partnership (paisajismo landscape); Walter de María (artista artist)

Fotos Photos

Andy Ryan, Roland Halbe