Maritime History Museum, Saint-Malo
Winning Proposal

Maritime History Museum, Saint-Malo

Winning Proposal

The proposal for the museum preserves the special industrial-maritime atmosphere of its privileged location in relation to the historic centre of Saint-Malo. Certain elements of the landscape resonate in the project: the large volumes of the fishing vessels with their nets and solid geometries, the color and material of the slate roofs of the old town, the massiveness of the monumental architecture of the city, and the forts engineered by Vauban – Fort Nationale and, further out to sea, Fort de la Conchée. Two different but complementary elements – a plinth and a clearly defined volume – give shape to the museum. Together, they create an ensemble able to give new meaning to this enclave previously occupied by industrial silos. The base is set back to make room for a plaza and hosts the entrance and the service areas, while the vertical volume contains a series of exhibition galleries. Defined by sharp geometries, this emerging piece represents an expressive and ever-changing piece of architecture. Its mineral coating and faceted surfaces lend it an ambiguous, enigmatic image, that changes with light, the shadows cast on it, or the weather conditions...[+][+]

Autores Authors
BAROZZI / VEIGA – Fabrizio Barozzi, Alberto Veiga

Equipo del proyecto Project Team
Julieta Muzzillo, Rob Scott, Zhimin Yuan

Arquitecto local Local Architect
Tolila Gilliland

Ingeniero de estructuras Structural Engineer
Bollinger Grohmann

Física de la construcción Building Physics
Franck Boutte Consultants

Ingenieros de servicios Service Engineers
Espace Temps

Ingeniería geotécnica Geotechnical Engineering

Consultor acústico Acoustic Consultant
Altia Acoustique

Aparejador Quantity Surveyor
BMF Economiste

Consultor de seguridad Security Consultant