Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts, Chur
First Prize

Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts, Chur

First Prize

The museum addition rises as an autonomous volume that establishes a dialogue with the axes and symmetry of the Villa Planta building nearby. The exhibition halls are located underground, freeing up a space on ground level that functions as a public garden.

The ornamental style with Oriental influences of Villa Planta contrasts with the compositive system made of prefabricated concrete panels of the facades of the extension, highlighting in this way the identity of each building...

Obra Work
Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts

Cliente Client
Hochbauamt Kanton Graubünden

Arquitectos Architects
Fabrizio Barozzi, Alberto Veiga

Jefe del proyecto Project Leader
Katrin Baumgarten

Equipo de proyecto Project Team
Paola Calcavecchia, Shin Hye Kwang, Maria Eleonora Maccari, Anna Mallen, Verena Recla, Laura Rodríguez, Ivanna Sanjuan, Arnau Sastre, Cecilia Vielba

Colaboradores Collaborators
Schwander & Sutter Architekten (arquitecto local local architect); Walter Dietsche Baumanagement AG (construcción project manager); Paolo Bürgi Landschaftsarchitekt (paisajismo landscape architect); Ingenieurbüro Flütsch (estructuras structural engineer); Waldhauser Haustechnik AG, Brüniger + Co. AG, Niedermann Planung GmbH (servicios services engineers); x-made SLP (fachadas façade consultant); MichaelJosefHeusi GmbH (iluminación lighting consultant); BOGNER.CC - die museumsplaner (museística museum expert); Kuster+Partner AG (física de edificios building physics); Balzer Ingenieure AG; AFC - Air FlowConsulting AG (anti-incendios fire protection consultant); Mullis+Cavegn AG (seguridad security consultant); Weiersmüller Bosshard Grüninger WBG | AG (señalización fire signage)