Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne (in construction)
Barozzi Veiga 
Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne (in construction)

Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne (in construction)

Barozzi Veiga 

The new Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts of Lausanne is located next to the train station of the Swiss city. The project transforms the old locomotive depot and its surroundings to reactivate the area with a combination of public space and cultural program. Designed by the Barcelona studio of Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga, the new building stands as a monolithic volume parallel to the tracks, replacing the existing one but retaining elements of great historical value such as the central space, which is converted into a spectacular entrance hall. Its characteristic atmosphere is also preserved by using forms and materials that refer to the industrial past of the place... [+]

Autores Authors
Barozzi Veiga, Fabrizio Barozzi, Alberto Veiga

Jefe del proyecto Project Leader
Pieter Janssens

Equipo del proyecto fase de ejecución Project Team Execution Phase
Clair Afarian, Alicia Borchardt, Paola Calcavecchia, Marta Grz?dziel, Isabel Labrador, Miguel Pereira, Cristina Porta, Laura Rodriguez, Arnau Sastre, Maria Ubach, Cecilia Vielba, Nelly Vitiello

Equipo del proyecto fase de concurso Project Team Competition Phase
Roi Carrera, Shin Hye Kwang, Eleonora Maccari, Verena Recla, Agnieszka Samsel, Agnieszka Suchocka

Arquitecto local Local Architect
Fruehauf Henry & Viladoms

Gerente del proyecto Project Manager
Pragma Partenaires SA

Ingenieros de estructuras Structural Engineers
Ingeni SA

Ingenieros de servicios Services Engineers
Chammartin&Spicher SA, SRG engineering, BA Consulting SA

Consultor de fachadas Façade Consultant
X-made SLP

Consultor de iluminación Lighting Consultant
Matí AG

Experto en museos Museum Expert

Fotos Photos
Jesús Arenas