Long Museum in Shanghái
Atelier Deshaus  
Long Museum in Shanghái

Long Museum in Shanghái

Atelier Deshaus  

Li Xiangning

In the bucolic idyll of New Canaan, Connecticut, a silvery serpentine rooftop slithers down the hillside. Charting a course of shallow switchbacks, gently flaring up and down as it swooshes down the slope, it looks like the path of a snowboarder, frozen in motion and raised up on slender white slalom poles.

Groups of people drift beneath this wafer-thin canopy, dissolving into glass pods that nestle below the roof like dew drops under a leaf...

Obra Work 

Long Museum (West Bund), Shanghai (China).

Cliente Client 

Shanghai Xuhui Waterfront Development; Investment & Construction Co. & Long Museum.

Arquitectos Architects 

Atelier Deshaus / Liu Yichun.

Colaboradores Collaborators 

Chen Yifeng, Wang Longhai, Wang Weishi, Wu Zhenghui, Wang Xuepei, Chen Kun.

Fotos Photos 

Iwan Baan, Su Shengliang.