House in El Torón, Mazunte

IUA Ignacio Urquiza Arquitectos 

In the Torón Reserve – a few kilometers from the small town of Mazunte, between Mermejita and Ventanilla beaches on the coast of the state of Oaxaca, facing the Pacific – the Mexico City firm led by Ignacio Urquiza built this residence fragmented into three main modules – designed separately and independently from each other – that adapt to the rugged topography of hilltops and cliffs. The 850-square-meter house seeks to control its scale by fitting its way amid the vegetation, in this way ensuring a modicum of privacy while optimizing views.

The design of the house is grounded on two objectives: to maximize respect for the site, and learn from the vernacular architecture of the region. Minimizing support points, the construction uses locally sourced materials like wood, stone, stucco, and clay. The structural system of timber and concrete forms frames with 4.8-meter modules holding up lightweight slabs clad in stonework chippings.