ISMETT 2 Hospital, Carini

Renzo Piano Building Workshop 

Famous for its cutting-edge treatments, a medical center in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh will be expanding its facilities to provide healthcare services to all Sicilians.

The hospital facilities take up an unobstructed, permeable ground level organized as a network of streets and squares, in contact with a large park that is incorporated into the green infrastructure of the municipality...[+]

Obra Work
Hospital ISMETT 2, Carini (Italia)
ISMETT 2 Hospital, Carini (Italy).

Cliente Client

Arquitectos Architects
Renzo Piano Building Workshop+Progetto CMR / 
E. Trezzani, F. Becchi (socios partners); S. Russo (arquitecto encargado associate in charge).

Consultores Consultants
Milan Ingegneria (estructura structure); Deerns (instalaciones MEP services); Transsolar KlimaEngineering (sostenibilidad sustainability); P.Rigone, Front (fachada facade); Safety Fire (protección contra incendios fire protection); AG&P greenscape (paisajismo landscape); StudioMistretta with Safety-Fire, Decola associati, Eupro (consultores locales consulting architect of record).

Superficie Area
82.950 m².