Grand Paris Nord Hospital, Saint-Ouen
Renzo Piano 

Grand Paris Nord Hospital, Saint-Ouen

Renzo Piano 

The compact campus envisioned to go up over an old Citroën factory will seal the merger of two hospitals in the suburbs of Paris, and serve as a center for medical university practicums.

Conceived as a superposition of neutral trays that are easily adaptable to changing needs, the hospital will also feature a green roof for use by patients and staff, but also by the rest of the city’s people...[+]

Obra Work
Hospital universitario Grand Paris Nord, Saint-Ouen (Francia) 
Grand Paris Nord University Hospital, Saint-Ouen (France).

Cliente Client
Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris.

Arquitectos Architects
Renzo Piano Building Workshop+Brunet Saunier Architecture / A. Chaaya (socio partner); T. Sahlmann (arquitecto encargado RPBW associate in charge RPBW); F. Courari (arquitecto encargado BSA architect in charge BSA).

Consultores Consultants
Ingerop (estructura, instalaciones, protección contra incendios structure, MEP, fire protection); SLETEC, Us & Co (estimación de presupuesto cost consultants); Tribu (sostenibilidad sustainability); T/E/S/S (fachada facade); Peutz & Associés (acúsctica acoustics); FL Conseil (logística logistics); 2B Concept (laboratorios laboratory consultant); Cronos (seguridad security); Des Signes (señalización signage); M.Desvigne (paisajismo landscape).

Superficie Area
238.500 m².