Grand Theater in Albi

Grand Theater in Albi

Dominique Perrault Architecture 

Birthplace of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec, Albi is a city in southern France, in the oasis of the river Tarm, whose clay materials have given rise to the reddish constructions that characterize the locality. Conceived as the center of the new Alley of Culture connecting the Romanesque cathedral to the Rocheguede park, the Albi Grand Theater stands out among metallic flashes in the urban texture. To obtain this effect, the compact glazed volume was clad with a shimmering golden skin which, despite the look of weightlessness that differentiates the building from the rest of the constructions, fuses with its clayish surroundings at dusk. Standing on a triangular plot, the Grand Theater creates on the one hand a square facing the neighborhood, and on the other hand a large stage saluting the cathedral. The building’s public foyer connects them. The interior contains the administrative zone and the theater, the roof-terrace shelters the café, and backstage and the rest of the program (eight projection rooms and the parking garage) are underground...[+][+]

Dominique Perrault Architecture 
Albi Grand Theater 

Arquitectos Architects
Dominique Perrault Architecture / Dominique Perrault / Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost  

Colaboradores Collaborators
Christian Astruc Architects (arquitecto local local architect) 

Equipo Team
Mathieu Neufville, Nam le Toan, Giovanna Chimeri, Julien Fuentes, Elke Stoerl, Nicoletta Pramaggiore, Guy Morisseau, Francesco Vinci, Nanako Ishizuka, Guilhem Menanteau 

Consultores Consultants
VP GREEN (estructuras structures); ETCO (ingeniería mecánica mechanical engineering); RPO (economía 
de la construcción construction economy); Changement á vue (escenografía scenography); Jean Paul Lamoureux (acústica acoustics) 

Fotografía Photographs
© Georges Fessy / Dominique Perrault Architecture / Adagp and © Vincent Boutin / Dominique Perrault Architecture / Adagp

Sketches, textos, planos y renders Sketches, texts, plans and renders
© Dominique Perrault Architecture / Adagp