Fire Station and Office Building, Münsterlingen
Daniele Marques 

Fire Station and Office Building, Münsterlingen

Daniele Marques 

On the shores of Lake Constance, the two communities of Landschlacht and Scherzingen were united in 1994 to form the new municipality of Münsterlingen. As a consequence of this unification, seven years later, a competition was held for the construction of a new building which, in addition to housing a complex program (administration offices, fire station, warehouse and housing), was to help shape a new urban center for the young population. The winning project was a compact volume that adapts to the complicated topography and dialogues with its surroundings. Inside, each of the different spaces required, with their respective heights, is arranged in a rigorous functional order...[+]

Parque de bomberos y oficinas de la administración, Münsterlingen, Suiza

Cliente Client
Ayuntamiento de Münsterlingen

Arquitecto Architect
Daniele Marques

Colaboradores Collaborators
Roman Sigrist

Consultores Consultants
Rolf Soller (ingenieríaengineering); Eltec (electricidadelectricity); Willi Tschuck (calefacciónMEP); Markus Debrunner (saneamientosanitation); Mühlebach (estructura y acústicastructural engineering and acoustics); Ch. Keller Design (iluminaciónlighting); Appert & Zwahlen (paisajismolandscape)

Contratista Contractor
Foster & Burgmer; Norbert Scherrer

Fotos Photos
Ignacio Martínez