Kids’ City, Copenhagen
COBE Architects 

Kids’ City, Copenhagen

COBE Architects 

Designed to take in 750 children in the heart of Copenhagen, the school is envisioned as a city in itself, with its own neighborhoods, squares, parks, houses, and public buildings.

Involving a combination of types and solutions, diverse and fun, the project took off from a special sociological study designed to determine the particular needs and requirements of each age group.

The variety of forms that the visitor can observe in the school, a summation of parts organized around plazas and green zones, is a deliberate intent to evoke the spontaneous diversity of real cities.

Obra Work

La ciudad de los niños, Copenhague (Dinamarca) Kids’ City, Copenhagen (Denmark).

Cliente Client

City of Copenhagen.

Arquitectos Architects

Cobe / Dan Stubbergaard (socio partner); Andrea Pieretti, Chloé Blain, Christian Sander, Cristina Matos, Dan Stubbergaard, Dimitrie Grigorescu, Frederik Lyng, Greta Tiedje, Hannes Kalau vom Hofe, Marianne Filtenborg, Martin Jonsbak Nielsen, Martina Pedersen, Mikkel Reedtz Morris, Milan Milenkovski, Rasmus Jessing, Rodrigo Bandini dos Santos, Rune Boserup (equipo team).

Colaboradores Collaborators

NORD Architects Copenhagen, PK3/BOGL, Sweco, Jakon.

Superficie Area

4.670 m².

Fotos Photos

Rasmus Hjortshøj - COAST.