Church in Pueblo Serena, Monterrey
Moneo Brock 
Church in Pueblo Serena, Monterrey

Church in Pueblo Serena, Monterrey

Moneo Brock 

Located in the center of Pueblo Serena, a new urban development in Monterrey, the Church of El Señor de la Misericordia reinterprets the traditional Christian temple prototype of a temple to adapt it to the context. The building’s forms recall those of the early American missions built with adobe and wood, but in reality it is based on an archetypal organization with generic features that are immediately recognizable: the central nave, the frontal altar, the chorus, the chapels, the baptistery, the cloister, and the bell tower. The floor plan adopts a basilical layout, with a 15-meter-high nave stretching toward the altar in the conventional northsouth direction. At the south end of the nave is an 11-meter-wide door with transparent panels that have the effect of connecting the interior of the church to the plaza outside which gives character to this part of the city of Monterrey. At the opposite end, over the compressed and indirectly lit altar, is a backlit wall with a Latin cross traced on it. The church’s main long axis is crossed by another axis – perpendicular to it, stretching east to west – that starts with three small chapels dug into the volume and finished off with a horizontal window that opens on to a patio featuring a pool. Completing the project are a small baptistery and a bell tower marking its presence in the city with a height of 43 meters...

Obra Work
Iglesia de El Señor de la Misericordia Church in Pueblo Serena, Monterrey (Mexico).  

Arquitectos Architects
Moneo Brock / Jeffrey Brock (arquitecto encargado partner in charge).

Colaboradores Collaborators
Irene Alberdi, Andrés Barrón, Fabrice Leray, Jaime Salvador, Sara Pericacho, Irene Hernández, Juan Galloso.  

Consultores Consultants
Harari Landscape Architecture (paisajismo landscaping); RGT Ingeniería (estructuras structures); Grupo Termo Control (instalaciones installations); Arau Acoustic (acústica acoustics).

Fotos Photos
Belén Moneo (pp. 40, 41); Jorge Taboada (p. 42, 43 arriba top); Jeffrey Brock (p. 43 abajo bottom)