Chemin des Carrières, Rosheim
Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter - RRA 

The project involved converting old train tracks between Rosheim and Saint Nabor into a walkway equipped with open-air facilities and pavilions. Besides transporting commuters, the railway served industry. This duality was maintained in the conversion, which combines the functional with the sheer idea of enjoying hikes and the nature around. The trail is meant for use by visitors but also by people living in the area, who can contemplate the views they are familiar with and discover new spots. Snaking along the countryside for a total of 11 kilometers, it tells a story in five episodes: Rosheim, Boersch, Leonardsau, Ottrott, and Saint Nabor. Different sceneries unfold through a series of landmarks thought out to enhance the traveler’s experience and frame vistas, which range from labyrinths formed by concave and convex volumes to an observation point raised on poles, with footbridges along the way as well as benches of varying geometry placed along the route. Besides CorTen steel, the main material used, water is a recurring element throughout the path.