Archeodunum Center, Colomiers
Christophe Hutin 

Archeodunum Center, Colomiers

Christophe Hutin 

In a pleasant atmosphere around a garden, a facility on the outskirts of Toulouse provides research and meeting spaces for archeologists working in nearby excavations.

A simple porticoed structure harbors a series of flexible spaces with generous openings that ensure correct ventilation, and polycarbonate skins bring in a homogeneous light that is ideal for research activity.

Located in the midst of a featureless environment, devoid of scenic value, the building unfolds around a landscape created in the inner courtyard: a Japanese pond which also contributes to thermal comfort.

Obra Work
Centro de investigación arqueológica, Colomiers Archeodunum Research Center, Colomiers.

Cliente Client
SCI Tolosa.

Arquitectos Architects
Christophe Hutin, Nicolas Hubrecht, Jérome Godart (dirección de obra site architect).

Consultores Consultants
Cesma (estructura structure); Secotrap (instalaciones MEP services).

Presupuesto Budget
929.200 €.

Superficie Area
860 m².

Fotos Photos
Philippe Ruault.