Situated some 80 kilometers from Quito, the town of Mindo is part of the Chocó Andino Biosphere Reserve, in Ecuador’s province of Pichincha. Amid lush flora and rich fauna, this dwelling pursues varying degrees of connection with all the nature around. The result of collaboration between the firm Taller General (Martín Real and Florencia Sobrero) and the practice of Jose María Sáez, the building presents a pine timber structure on two platforms set a different levels, with columns resting on metal transition supports as protection against ground moisture.

The maximum length of the wooden components, 9.5 meters, is determined by the largest truck that can get to this hard-to-access area, and in turn it determines the height of the building. Another determinant was the weight of the elements, with a maximum of approximately 145 kilos, as assemblage would be manual and the pieces had to be transported by a team of six people.