Taller Croquis House-Workshop, Cali

Taller Croquis House-Workshop, Cali


The project is the result of a private commission from a small but growing design company: Taller Croquis (Croquis workshop). At the same time, it was the first intervention of a plan for the environmental preservation of the city of Cali, promoted by a group of citizens concerned about sustainability issues. The building accommodates the owner’s dwelling and the spaces of the design workshop: a production area and a store where they sell their products. The scheme also includes a unique garden filled with local plants that attract different varieties of butterflies. These are the clearest evidence of the quality and biodiversity of an ecosystem, particularly in this region that concentrates such an extraordinary amount of this species.

The different kinds of plants are arranged over a steel structure that wraps the facade of the building. Aside from the improvement of the atmospheric conditions, the plants attract butterflies, favoring the creation of natural circuits. The research project has been directed and coordinated by several biologists and enthomologists and has had the expert technical support of the Cali Zoo...[+]

Arquitectos Architects
Camilo García, Diego Barajas 

Colaboradores Collaborators
Francisco Amaro (biólogo biologist), Juan Pablo Arias, Antonio Cobo, Junko Watanabe, Luis A. Ramírez 

Consultores Consultants
Jorge Mejía (estructura structural engineer

Fotos Photos
Javier García, Manuel Salinas, Sylvia Patiño