Hanneman house, Houston
Carlos Jiménez 

Hanneman house, Houston

Carlos Jiménez 

Located south of Rice University’s main campus, the 2,400 square foot house occupies a typical 50 by 100 foot city lot with street frontage to the north and alleyway access to the south. The house slopes from north to south, from two levels to a single level. This gradual decrease in mass toward the rear of the property allows more natural light to enter a small courtyard (facing southeast), where a swimming pool occupies center stage. A two-car garage that remained on the otherwise empty property has been restored and appropriated to have access to the alleyway.

The ground floor comprises living, dining, kitchen, study and main bedroom, while the second floor contains two additional bedrooms and a small library. While towards the exterior all these spaces are subsumed in a contained volume painted green, the interior of the house is characterized by a generous use of natural light throughout each space but with limited or no exposure to the harsh west Houston sun. Although a small dwelling (in Houston present standards), the calibrated interplay of light and volume give the impression of a much larger house.

Superficie Building size

220 m² 2,400 ft²

Finalización Completion


Cliente Owner

Richard and Sandy Hanneman

Arquitecto Architect

Carlos Jiménez Studio, Houston, Texas

Equipo Project team

Carlos Jiménez (director, autor del proyecto principal, project designer); Brett Zamore

Consultores Project consultants

Matrix Structural Engineering (estructura structure)

Contratista Contractor

Charles «Chuck» Bosch, Built Incorporated Co.

Fotos Photos

Paul Hester, Hester+Hardaway Photographers