Ghent House in New York

Thomas Phifer and Partners 

Located in Columbia County, in upstate New York and just a two-hour drive from Manhattan, the Ghent House project deals with more than the construction of a house and proposes an ambitious landscaping intervention covering over thirty hectares. The site design accommodates sculpture, sitting areas, a pool, walking paths, beehives, and provides ample grazing land for local cattle farmers. Within this site, Ghent House was designed as a linear collection of structures, slightly askew from one another and partially embedded into a hillside.

Each structure contains one room. Slightly raised interconnecting underground passages link the rooms spatially and conceptually. A small, elevated entry building leads down and into the passage that connects the house’s four bedrooms, kitchen, living, and dining rooms. Each room is focused on a large, glazed opening that provides spectacular views of the Catskill Mountains and access to the exterior. While on the outside the volumes are wrapped in an abstract black enclosure, a limited palette of colors is used inside, with white-toned walls and black floors, except in the dining room, which is clad in wooden panels. 

Thomas Phifer and Partners

Thomas Phifer, Andrew Mazor, Caroline Alsup, Gregory Bonner

Rodney Gibble Consulting Engineers (estructura structure); Petersen Engineering Group (instalaciones MEP consulting)

Bill Stratton Building Company

SuperficieFloor area
500 m² (superficie construida built area)

Scott Frances; Eric Petschek