Element House

Element House

MOS Architects 

The building is to serve as a guesthouse and visitor center for Star Axis, a land art project of the American sculptor and earthwork artist Charles Ross, located in the desert of the state of New Mexico. The complex follows a geometric scheme that enables it to grow in phases, from inside out, through the progressive addition of new modules.

The kit of minimal units is conceived on the idea of reinterpreting the elements of traditional American houses, in particular the chimney volume, which here is no longer a solid presence at the heart of the home, becoming instead a large solar device on one side of the floor plan, allowing ventilation and bringing in plenty of daylight, and rising externally above each module to become a protagonist in the ensemble.

The exterior claddings are sheets of aluminum with a rough finish, separated from the inner enclosure to form a small ventilation chamber that contributes to diminishing the effects of solar radiation.

Obra Work: House No. 5 (Element House).

Arquitectos Architects: MOS / M. Meredith, Hilary Sample, A. Bigham, J. Bond, R. Culligan, G. Danilowitz, M. Faciejew, S. Gertner, J. Kim, K. Lagios, R. Ludwig, G. Marcoux, M. McDaniel, E. Porter, M. Smith, M. Staudt, M. Trotter.

Fotos Photos: Florian Holzherr.