Community Library, Kressbronn
Steimle Architekten 

Community Library, Kressbronn

Steimle Architekten 

A series of simple operations has made it possible to transform a barn into a new municipal library without detriment to its rural character and its link to the traditions of the place.

Respecting the original structure, the project replaces the facade with a concrete base that echoes the solidity of the former structure, and a cladding of vertical wooden strips that shields the new openings.

Obra Work
Biblioteca pública, Kressbronn (Alemania) Community Library, Kressbronn (Germany).

Cliente Client
Gemeinde Kressbronn am Bodensee.

Arquitectos Architects
Steimle Architekten / Thomas Steimle, Christine Steimle (socios partners).

Consultores Consultants
Achim Eisele, Möbel & Innenausbau (carpintería puertas y mobiliario doors and furniture carpenter); Bobran Ingenieure (física de las construcciones building physics); Bohner Bau (estructura structure); Schulz Speyer Bibliothekstechnik AG (mobiliario para bibliotecas special library furniture); Trautwein Holzbau (carpintería cubierta y fachada roof and facade carpenter); Vitra (mobiliario furniture); w-hp Beratende Ingenieure (ingeniería estructural structural engineering).

Superficie Area
860 m².

Fotos Photos
Brigida González.