Bamboo Craft Village

Bamboo Craft Village

Archi-Union Architects 

Located more than 50 kilometers away from the Chinese city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the Bamboo Craft Village is conceived as a natural, artisanal, and socioeconomic utopia. Natural because it recreates the rural life atmosphere of the area, is in close connection and interaction with the landscape, and is built following ecological principles. Artisanal because the whole village is a building experiment based on the recovery of handicraft techniques and the use of traditional building materials such as timber, bamboo, and ceramic. And socioeconomic because the utopia seeks to connect the rural world to the industrial culture that characterizes China’s society today, as much as or even more than its ancestral customs.

The village comprises six areas: a weaving center, a service area in the heart of the village, a tourist center, a youth hostel, a bed & breakfast establishment, and the InBamboo prototype house. All of them show a high degree of respect for the genius loci and the use of vernacular materials and techniques. The whole village is in fact a result of the InBamboo prototype, built with a combination of traditional systems and materials combined with prefabrication and digital design and fabrication techniques, thanks to which the architecture, interior, and landscape could be completed in just 52 days.

Obra Work: 

Daoming Bamboo Craft Village, provincia de Sichuan, China (Sichuan Province).

Arquitectos Architects: 

Archi-Union Architects / Philip F. Yuan (director principal).

Fotos Photos: 

Bian Lin.