Snowdon Aviary, London

Snowdon Aviary, London


The refurbishment of original structure, designed by Cedric Price with Frank Newby and Lord Snowdon in 1962, provides a new walk-through home for the zoo’s troop of Colobus monkeys and includes a new education and community center...

Obra Work
Aviario de Snowdon, Londres Snowdon Aviary, London (UK)

Cliente Client
Zoological Society of London

Equipo Team
Norman Foster, David Summerfield, Kirsten Scott, Roger Ridsdill Smith, Eduardo Ruiz de Assin, Sachi Oberoi, Ignacio Medrano, Brian Owens-Murphy, Josh Corfield, Tiziana di Ronco, Kim Burton-Lynch

Consultores Consultants
Expedition Engineering (structures), Hitek (mechanical engineers), MACE Cost (cost), ZSL - Sven Seiffert (landscape), MACE (project manager), JLL (planning), Richard Coleman (heritage), Patrick Stileman (arboricultural), Access Advisors (access and maintenance), Access Enable and Evans Jones (accessibility), Xylotek (timber specialist)