Arvo Pärt Center, Laulasmaa
Honorary Mention
Arvo Pärt Center, Laulasmaa

Arvo Pärt Center, Laulasmaa

Honorary Mention

This proposal is for a center dedicated to the contemporary classical composer Arvo Pärt. It is located near Kellasalu in Pärt’s native Estonia, in an elegant, dense stretch of forest where the silence of nature presents itself to those who are willing to engage with it. The center inhabits this beautiful stretch of nature in a compact way. Evoking Pärt’s compositions, it is conceived as a set of rooms of different sizes and proportions that are developed in a harmonic system of related measurements. The growing and developing plan thus creates a field of closely connected spaces, each with a unique relationship to the surrounding nature and the adjacent rooms. The walls are built from massive timber, a simple construction method that establishes an authentic connection with the surrounding pine trees. A classic system of enfilade openings relates the enclosing walls both with each other and with the landscape. On top of the walls, a glass surface forms the roof, relating each of the rooms directly to the canopy of trees and the sky. The layers between roof and room – beams, membrane or also simply closed – create intimate spaces where one can retreat from the full force of nature...

Obra Work
[171] Centro Arvo Pärt Arvo Pärt Centre

Cliente Client
Arvo Pärt Centre Foundation  

Arquitecto Architect
OFFICE / Kersten Geers, David Van Severen
Inga Karen Traustadottir, Samuel Genet Aboucaya, Jacopo Lugli, Yuichiro Onuma, Ronan Murray, Tomas Tironi, Gasper Skalar (equipo team)

Colaboradores Collaborators
Bollinger+Grohmann (estructura structure); Transsolar (instalaciones technical engineer); Daidalos Peutz (acústica acoustics); Bureau Bas Smets (paisajismo landscape)

Superficie Area
2.035 m²