Living in Landscape, the Mallorca Houses

Rafael Moneo 

Issue 5 of Zodiac, published in the spring of 1960, showed how Jørn Utzon’s winning the competition for the Sydney Opera House was not a mere stroke of luck, and that he was an architect to watch out for. Works like the water tower on Bornholm or the Kingo Houses in Helsingør, projects like the crematorium, the Elinenerg Housing, the Langelinie Pavilion, and the Melli Bank in Tehran revealed a flexibility and simplicity that had as little to do with the search for new languages as with the respectful servitude to the orthodoxy established by the avant-gardes. In them was a freshness and lack of preconceptions that was magnetic, giving him a heroic dimension whose allure was irresistible, and more so when he committed to a project like the Sydney Opera House... [+]

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