Science and Technology 

Structural Timber: Developments and Applications

From Sawn to Laminate

Francisco Arriaga 

The Termite Pavilion, Softroom, London

Timber and wood-based products are used in the structures of buildings in several formats, from the simplest, such as the round and sawn timber, to the most elaborate, such as micro-laminates or prefabricated composite panels. In between are products like glued laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber and cross-laminated, boards, and prefabricated structural elements. A particular characteristic of timber is that, at present, the most technological solutions live side by side with simple ones of the kind that have undergone no modification since their origins. Most of these wood-based products meant for structural use have been in Spain for thirty years, but some have had a recent heyday or are having one now. A case in point is glued solid wood (also called duo or trio profiles), laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and cross-laminated timber (CLT)...

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