Leaders, Flags, Victims. The Boundaries of the Planet


To close this interrupted and endless journey, a kaleidoscope of images about the time of the world or, rather, about the moment of the world as the media chooses to portray it, with its illuminated scenarios and its areas of shadow, its leaders with names and its anonymous victims, its military conflicts and its mass migrations, in the agitated period opened by September 11. All through this disoriented and perhaps helpless itinerary circulates as a subterranean torrent the delicate matter of identity, expressed in flags, passports and frontiers, a question more current than ever when internet, satellite television and global commerce had made us believe in a single planet. The war in Afghanistan against Islamic terrorism and the war of Irak in search of the control of the Middle East are the two milestones in the chaotic creation of a new order, while universal disorder establishes itself in a world scored by migratory flows that are more stubborn than the marine currents or the trade winds...[+]