Science and Technology 

Inflatable Structuras

Pnumatic Constructions

Vicente Sarrablo  Nuria Prieto González 

Anish Kapoor, Leviathan (2011)

Inflatable architectures (coined ‘inflatoestructuras’ in Spanish by architect Prada Poole) invite us to look for the means, the way to build space forms that provide alternatives to the strict architectural paths that we found so disappointing when we were kids.

Current pneumatic architecture stems from the researches developed during World War II. Military research centers built hospitals, hangars and even inflatable bridges that were very effective because they were portable and quick to deploy. Even inflatable tanks were built to confuse enemy surveillance aircrafts. After the war, all this acquired experience was applied to the industry for the production of radar protections and ship decks, as well as portable hangars...

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