Pavilion for the Luna St. Prex Festival
Atelier Alice / EPFL 
Pavilion for the Luna St. Prex Festival

Pavilion for the Luna St. Prex Festival

Atelier Alice / EPFL 

Luna was developed for the 6th edition of the St. Prex Classics festival, which is held annually in a small municipality by Lake Leman. This ephemeral structure accommodates a flexible auditorium with a modular capacity of 500 or 700 spectators, and it is light and fully demountable.

The pavilion is located in the historic center of St. Prex, and is thus mixed with the built fabric of this medieval town, which provides the stage backdrop. The access is through the most emblematic building of the historic district: the clock tower.

The most unique constructive aspect is the dome, measuring 25 meters in diameter, and made out of a membrane of polyamide fibers that is inflated with helium, so that the vast hemisphere, rotated 90º, floats above the stage, and at a certain distance from it, just as if it were a hot air balloon that becomes a visual landmark gently posed on the town’s silhouette. The surface of this hemisphere is reflective, and this feature inspired the project’s name: Luna (moon).

On rainy days the hemisphere islowered and rests directly on the circular perimeter structure, as an evansecent dome but with good acoustic properties. Consisting of a ring frame and slender aluminum supports, the structure also holds an enclosing, waterproof curtain. 

Obra Work

Pabellón para el Festival Luna St. Prex Pavilion for the Luna St. Prex Festival.

Situación Address

Place de l’Horloge, Saint-Prex Switzerland.

Fecha Date


Superficie construida Floor area

719 m².

Volumen Volume

10.000 m3.

Presupuesto Budget 

53.400 dólares dollars

Cliente Client

Fondation St. Prex Classics.

Arquitectos Architects

Dieter Dietz, Sibylle Kössler, Sara Formery, Rudi Nieveen / Atelier Alice (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne,

Consultores de ingeniería Engineering consultants

Heinrich Schnetzer, Christoph Sterr / Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure,

Fotos Photos

Joel Tettamanti, Gregory Batardon, Alain Herzog, Alain Hasoo.