Babel against Babylon


The road that led to the imposition of the American flag in Basra and Baghdad started in the photoopportunity of Mount Rushmore, where the war presidency drafted in Normandy took on epic tones, and reached its summit in the rhetorical ultimatum of the Azores; and the end of the war celebration was also visualized with the images of Bush in pilot gear landing with a fighter plane on an aircraft carrier, such a false and hypocritical dramatization that it verges on sarcasm. Otherwise, the war had the monumental accents that correspond to an emblematic conflict between the Babel of the skyscrapers, wounded by Islamic terrorism, and the Babylonia were cities were born. Symbolic as the Reichstag wrapped by Christo to cleanse it from somber connotations or as the Congress dome threatened by Korean propaganda posters, the built icons of the regime – that the American flyers promised to protect –survived the conflict, and both the swords of the Victory Arch as the hollow tiled cupolas of the Martyr’s Monument saw the marines and allied tanks pass by, remaining as empty shells of the Sunni power of the Baas, that after falling saw how the Shia resumed their pilgrimages to Kerbala, where the Imam Hussein died in 680...[+]