AV Proyectos 120: Alberto Campo Baeza

AV Proyectos 120: Alberto Campo Baeza


Pabellón Robert Olnick en Cold Spring, Nueva York (Estados Unidos) © Javier Callejas

AV Proyectos 120 dedicates its last dossier of the year to the most recent projects by Alberto Campo Baeza, examples of an architecture that surrenders to the naturality of logic, and lets gravity and light order the space. Next, the issue presents the complete set of projects shortlisted in the competition to design the Spanish Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka. The issue also includes six examples of ephemeral interventions, from pavilions for architecture or music festivals to experimental housing modules. The construction section presents an in-depth feature on the new Aviva Studios cultural space in Manchester, the first public building by OMA in the United Kingdom. The last pages reflect the visual dialogue between the paintings of Godofredo Ortega Muñoz and the photographs of José Manuel Ballester in the exhibition of the MEIAC, and to the photographs that Luigi Spina took in Pompeii during the pandemic confinement. 

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