‘Alfaro in Xàtiva. Dialogue with History’


The work of the world-renowned Valencian sculptor Andreu Alfaro (1929-2012) is characterized by its synthesis of all the knowledge he absorbed in the course of years. A reduction of form, an exercise in creating a single stroke in the void, showing the evident connection between drawing and sculpture in his overall oeuvre. This beauty hidden in minimal expression ultimately yields a sculptural-architectural style, tending toward minimalism, that only seeks to demonstrate that simplicity can lead to the same conceptual end reached by other, more realistic ways of representation.

An exhibition of monumental sculpture by Alfaro will be held in the Valencian context for the first time. On view until December and curated by the architects Fran Silvestre and Pablo Camarasa, it presents some of the artist’s most significant pieces, which now come into conversation with the historical architecture of Xàtiva, Valencia. From three iconic spaces within the city (an old convent, the square on which the collegiate church and the medieval royal hospital rise, and the granary building), with pieces revolving around the line, kinetics, and formalism, a dialogue is struck that generates many different readings. Large sculptures colonizing places to engage with history.

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