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Richard Long in Ivorypress

Ode to Walking

Estrella de Diego 

Berlin Circle, Hamburgerb Bahnhof in Berlin (2011)

In the diaphanous and clear-cut space of Ivorypress a rectangle of granite stones invites visitors to move around the structure laid out on the floor; surprising gesture of a nature capricious only in appearance which, like gardens of 18th-century English tradition, emphasizes order of the unexpected unkempt kind. Just a few steps away, a spiral of river stones invites them to touch it and walk on it, to relive the life of that water, though absent, that smoothened edges and waxed poetic in the succession of ‘41 River Avon Mud Drawings,’ painted with mud from the river. Seeing the British artist Richard Long, tall and lean, traversing the space – which is more intimate than a museum’s – in his impertinent mountain boots is a striking experience, almost like engaging with nature the odd way: by walking it, becoming part of its rules and ins and outs (...)

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