Villa Coco in Uvita

Archwerk  Formafatal 

Overlooking Hermosa Beach from a Costa Rican jungle slope, five small shelters adapt to the site by levitating over the ground. Designed by the Czech firms Archwerk (Martin Kloda and Hana Procházková) and Formafatal (Dagmar Štěpánová), they are part of the Art Villas resort. Scattered on the hillside to integrate with the privileged natural environment in the least invasive way possible, they also offer visitors an experience of deep immersion in the landscape. The construction principle applied and the materials used – tropical wood from the jungle, tent canvas, and metal elements – allow flexibility in the size, shape, and composition of the five raised pavilions connected to one another by footbridges, stairs, and platforms. The largest ‘coconut’ houses a kitchen and a dining room...

Obra Work
COCO Villa, Bahía Ballena, Costa Rica

Cliente Client
Filip Žák

Arquitectos Architects
ARCHWERK + Formafatal

Equipo Team
Martin Kloda, Hana Procházková (ARCHWERK); Dagmar Štěpánová (Formafatal)

Colaborador Collaborator 
atelier Flera (arquitecto paisajista landscape architect)

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