The topographic difference, which reaches 14 meters, is solved with an armored ground wall that contains the land. The wall consists of four steps made of galvanized steel mesh and large boulders, set back 1.5 meters from each other... [+]

Autor Author

Héctor Fdez. Elorza & Manuel Fdez. Ramírez

Cliente Client

Junta de Compensación del Sector 88/1 de Zaragoza

Arquitectos Architects

Héctor Fernández Elorza, Manuel Fernández Ramírez

Colaboradores Collaborators

Félix Royo Millán, José Antonio Alonso García (ingeniería de caminos?civil engineering); Antonio Gros Bañeres (ingeniería industrial?industrial engineering); Beatriz Navarro Pérez (arquitectura técnica?building surveying)

Fotos Photos

Montse Zamorano