Technology Dome - Mangado / Herreros
First Prize

Technology Dome - Mangado / Herreros

First Prize

Emphasizing the richness and potential of a site that could initially go unnoticed, the proposal reintroduces Spanish agricultural traditions through compositional and landscape criteria in order to reveal an aesthetic quality.

The geometry protects itself by forming a courtyard. The idea is to make landscape and construction become one and letting part of the building be seen from afar. By using recycled materials and modulation the impact on the site is minimized...[+]


Francisco Mangado / Juan Herreros

Arquitectos Architects
Francisco Mangado, Juan Herreros 

Colaboradores Collaborators
Jose Mª Gastaldo, Alessandro Faiella, Stefanie Flores, 
Petra Bartosova, Sonia Alves, Karl Gleason —Mangado y Asociados—, Jens Richter, Víctor Lacima, Ramón Bermúdez, Airam González, Abraham Piñate —Juan Herreros Arquitectos—

Consultores Consultants
César Martín Gómez (ingeniería instalaciones engineering MEP), Poliedro Estudio (infografía rendering)