Artists’ Ateliers, London
Barozzi Veiga 

Artists’ Ateliers, London

Barozzi Veiga 

The Design District on the Greenwich Peninsula is a one-hectare riverside site with 16 new buildings that will provide an affordable base for creative businesses. Eight emerging architectural practices from across Europe were each given a pair of buildings and asked to work blind, without knowing what the others were designing. The result is a provocative diversity of color and form in a new neighborhood devoted to design, art, tech, craft, and music. In this kind of undefined and evolving context, the project defines two very pragmatic buildings: industrial containers that maximize the flexibility of the interior and explore the use of basic construction systems. The project plays with the imaginary of an artist’s studio with large windows, double-height rooms, and a certain raw materiality. A1, located at the entrance, has a mirror-polish appearance, while D4, with its slim black facade, joins the activities of the central square. The reflective materiality dissolves the buildings into the future context and makes them participate in the life of the neighborhood, absorbing and reflecting the light and colors of the surrounding environment as they change with the passage of the day and the seasons.

Cliente Client
Knight Dragon Developments Limited 

Arquitectos Architects
Barozzi Veiga / Fabrizio Barozzi, Alberto Veiga (socios partners)

Equipo Team
Marta Grządziel, Verena Recla; Raquel Corney, Josep Garriga, Toni Poch, Andrei Sashko, Rob Scott, Diletta Trinari, María Ubach

Colaboradores Collaborators
Whitby Wood (estructura structure), GDM Partnership (instalaciones installations), PACE Consult (acústica acoustics), H+H Fire (protección contra incendios fire protection), HNNA (masterplan),  Schulze+Grassov (paisajismo landscape), Ardmore Construction (constructora contractor)

Fotos Photos
Barozzi Veiga, Taran Wilkhu