Atecna headquarters in Barbatáin
Galar-Vélaz-Gil  Iñigo Beguiristain 

In Barbatáin, a hamlet belonging to the Navarre municipality of Cedea de Galar, rises the headquarters of Archivos Tecnológicos de Navarra (Atecna), built by Daniel Galar, Josecho Vélaz, Javier Gil Ayesa, and Iñigo Beguiristain. Atecna’s rapid growth in the document management sector made it necessary to bring together its offices and warehouses, hitherto scattered around the region.

The program is complex, with several departments presenting very specific needs and requiring several levels of interconnection. Avoiding the traditional dissociation, a single homogeneous volume conveys a clear and immediate image, crowned with a steel-structured sawtooth roof that gives the interiors natural lighting. This silhouette, with its inevitable evocation of the typical factory section, reinforces the building’s bold presence and rigorous orthogonal scheme.