Paredes-Saavedra House, Cáceres
Tuñón y Albornoz Arquitectos 

Paredes-Saavedra House, Cáceres

Tuñón y Albornoz Arquitectos 

A stately house dating back to the Late Middle Ages has been refurbished to fit in nine guest rooms to complement the offer of the well-known Atrio hotel and restaurant.

The intervention defines a diagonal sequence that goes from the hallway to a rear courtyard while making the most of the spaces around, which are lined with a second skin of wood to give the solid mansion a warm tone.

From the stairs to the topped tower that has regained its original height, or the skylight over the porticoed atrium, the project rethinks the old construction solutions to give the building a silent luster...  [+]

Palacio Paredes-Saavedra
Paredes-Saavedra House, Cáceres (Spain).

Cliente Client
Restaurante Atrio. San Mateo Hotel S.L.

Arquitectos Architects 
Emilio Tuñón, Carlos Martínez Albornoz (socios partners); Javier Chávez, Julia Díaz Beca, Inés García de Paredes, Catarina Pereira, José Ramón Rodríguez, Gádor Potenciano (equipo team).

Consultores Consultants
José Pedro Croft (artista site-specific artist); GOGAITE Ingenieros Consultores (estructura structure); Úrculo Ingenieros (instalaciones MEP services); Sancho Páramo (arquitecto técnico quantity surveyor).

Presupuesto Budget
4.000.000 €.

Superficie Area
1.400 m².

Fotos Photos
Luis Asín.