Kengo Kuma 

Drawing inspiration from the popular card castle, a construction and skill game where the cards are carefully placed to form triangular prisms and lift rising structures, the project proposes a modular system with extruded aluminum pieces. Starting from a triangle form, the dry construction system used here can be applied to the fields of furniture design and to construction.

The design is based on a single rectangular piece and five types of joints, which fit a broad variety of configurations. Because of the type of joint used – a simple mechanism where the connection is achieved by driving a pin into the center hole of the joint and can be disconnected by hammering on the side of the board –, the assembly and disassembly can be done in a very brief period of time. Six pieces of twenty by sixty centimeters and ten millimeters in thickness form the base triangle of the structure. The connected boards create a triangle with forty-centimeter sides, able to withstand loads up to one hundred kilograms. With this system it is possible to build large trusses that can serve not only as shelves or furniture pieces, but that can also constitute the walls of a house. 

Cliente Client

Toyama Prefecture Takaoka City Kanayamachi Rakuichi executive committee

Arquitecto Architect

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Colaboradores Collaborators

Sankyo Tateyama Aluminum Co., Ltd, Sanshiba Co., Ltd. (soprte técnico technical and material support)

Contratista Contractor

Student University of Toyama, Sankyo Tateyama Aluminum Co.

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Kengo Kuma & Associates