ICÔNE Offices, Belval

ICÔNE Offices, Belval


Open and flexible, the building is arranged in two wings that enclose the central atrium. The entire volume is wrapped by a distinctive orthogonal facade and roof which emphasizes the efficient structural grid and gives the building a unified industrial look...

Obra Work
Oficinas para ICÔNE, Belval ICÔNE Offices, Belval (Luxembourg)

Cliente Client
BESIX RED Luxembourg

Arquitecto Architect
Foster + Partners

Equipo Team
Spencer de Grey, David Nelson, Stefan Behling, Darron Haylock, Matthew Hayhurst, Joana Santos, Dimitris Themelis, Apostolos Despotidis, Samson Simberg, Gavin Fung, Mohamad El Khayat, Anna Maria Malla

Colaborador Collaborator
Beiler François Fritsch

Consultores Consultants
NEY (structures), Greisch Luxembourg (mechanical engineers & lighting), Q-Build Luxembourg (cost), MDP (masterplan landscaping), Tom Vandervorst, Venac (acoustic), Wust / Lux TP (contractor)