Office Building Textilmacher
Office Building Textilmacher

Office Building Textilmacher


The most iconic feature of this building completed outside Munich for a textile company is its facade, a dark surface characterized by countless folds, but built following a rigorous constructive seriation logic.

The enclosure is made of prefabricated panels, manufactured in a factory and then delivered one by one to the construction site to be installed there. The most interesting facade feature is the specialized composition in several sheets, so that each one of the panels forms a sort of sandwich. The inner sheet, structural and built on site, is the sturdiest one, with a thickness of 200 millimeters and made of reinforced concrete. A thermal insulation core, 180 millimeters thick, and a continuous waterproof layer are placed on top of it. The exterior finish consists of prefabricated panels – measuring 80 millimeters thick, 6.6 meters wide, and 3.9 meters tall –, hung by metallic braces from the interior load-bearing sheet.

With its anthracite pigment and multifaceted character, the outer cladding is designed to give a flexible answer to its environment, reflecting atmospheric light with different nuances depending on the time of the day or the weather.

The continuous character of this organic facade, which displays all its rigor in the exquisite geometry of its dry-joint system, is only interrupted by the rectangular voids. They are formed by two sheets – a larger one, fixed; the other one, operable – with a larch wood window frame, which includes a triple glazing with excellent thermal insulation.

Obra Work

Centro de producción y oficinas de Textilmacher Production and Office Building Textilmacher, Munich (Germany).

Superficie Area

1.135 m2.

Arquitectos Architects

Tillicharchitektur / Kurt Tillich.

Consultor de estructuras Structural engineer

Hemmerlein Ingenieurbau.

Consultor de instalaciones MEP consultant

IB Schön.

Consultor energético Energy consultant

Heinze Energieberatung.

Protección contraincendios Fire protection consultant

H+L Brandschutz.

Fachada Facade

Hemmerlein Ingenieurbau.

Ventanas Windows


Estores Sunscreens

Roma KG.

Puertas Doors

Fritz Tür + Tor.

Suelos Floor coatings

Hubert Pupeter.

Fotos Photos

Michael Compensis.