Musée de la Romanité Narbo Via, Narbonne (in construction)
Foster + Partners 

Musée de la Romanité Narbo Via, Narbonne (in construction)

Foster + Partners 

Known for its rich historic and artistic heritage, Narbonne, founded by Romans in 118 BC, was once a major port. Today it is a vibrant city, with an impressive legacy of buildings, ancient relics, and archaeological sites. At the gates of the city, next to the Canal de la Robine, the office of Norman Foster is building the Musée de la Romanité, organized according to a scheme of pure lines that combines structural insulated rammed earth walls (SIREWALLS) with a framework of prefabricated concrete beams for the roof. With galleries for permanent and temporary exhibitions, the building, slated for completion in 2019, is set out to become a new cultural hub in the city... [+]

Cliente Client
Région Languedoc Roussillon

Arquitecto Architect
Foster + Partners

Equipo de diseño de Foster + Partners Foster + Partners Design Team
Norman Foster, Spencer de Grey, David Nelson, Grant Brooker, Andy Bow, Hugh Stewart, Francois Curato, Angelika Kovacic, Piers Heath, Roger Ridsdill-Smith, Fillipo Bari, Trevor Barrett, Ariadna Barthe Cuatrecasas, Peter Donegan, Carole Frising, Ed Garrod, Vagelis Giouvanos, Ricardo Candel Gurrea, Andres Harris, Helene Huang, Raphael Keane, Amanda Lyon, Berenice del Valle Moran, Adeline Morin, Raffaella Panella, Raj Patel, Alex (Zhen) Qian,Camilla Sand, Daniel Skidmore, Thang Vu 

Arquitecto colaborador Collaborating Architect
Jean Capia

Consultor del museo Museum Consultant
Studio Adrien Gardère

Ingeniero de estructuras Structural Engineer
Foster + Partners  

Ingenieros mecánico y eléctrico Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
Foster + Partners, Technisphère

Ingeniero Civil Civil Engineer

Consultoría de costes Cost Consultant

Consultoría de iluminación Lighting Consultant
George Sexton Associates

Consultoría de paisaje Landscape Consultant

Consultoría acústica Acoustic Consultant

Contratistas Contractors
Bourdoncle (revestimiento cladding); Sirewall (consultoría del muro exterior external wall consultant); Velux (luces de techo rooflights); Mecalux (muros de almacenaje storage walls); Goppion (fabricantes de vitrinas showcase makers)