Iconic Pedestrian Bridge, Amsterdam

Nicolás Montesano  Boris Hoppek  Víctor Vila 

Drawn up to connect the eastern end of Amstel Canal with the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam, the pedestrian bridge designed by the Spanish team formed by Nicolás Montesano, Victor Vila and Boris Hoppek explores a new experience in which the user decides whether to cross over or under the water. A partially buried ring defines an enclosed central space that can be traversed by boats or surrounded by pedestrians and cyclists. The associated program – bicycle repair, bar and services – is located at the point where it connects with the promenade, establishing a relationship with the urban context...[+]

Puente peatonal en Ámsterdam 
Iconic Pedestrian Bridge

Equipo de diseñoDesign Team
Nicolás Montesano, Victor Vila, Boris Hoppek