GEL Green Energy Research Center
Archea Associati 
GEL Green Energy Research Center

GEL Green Energy Research Center

Archea Associati 

A center for the development of clean technologies, this building with a rectangular floor plan presents a very compact volume divided into three parts to accommodate the specifications of a unique program. The first two floor levels are designed for the predictable uses of a research center, such as laboratories, classrooms, and meeting rooms. The top floor contains several apartments, covered with photovoltaic panels, that serve as prototypes in which to test the sustainable technologies and strategies developed downstairs.

The block is positioned in such a way as to maximize energy saving, and this same objective explains the enormous lattice that wraps the building entirely, protecting it from solar radiation while allowing natural ventilation within.

Placed over a partly glazed inner layer that guarantees watertightness and thermal insulation for the complex, the lattice is like a mosaic of panels of white-enameled ceramic pieces installed on a metal frame. This skin of terracotta is not fixed to one position; because the frames rotate on a vertical steel axis, it can open at certain spots to take in daylight and make the views of the surroundings a part of the interior.

Obra Work

Centro de investigación GEL GEL Green Energy Research Center in Shanghai (China).

Situation Location

Campus Minhang, Jiao Tong University.

Superficie construida Floor area

4.850 m².

Fecha Date


Cliente Client

Jiao Tong University (Shanghái) / Sino Italian Collaboration for Environmental Protection of the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea.

Arquitectos Architects

Studio Archea / Laura Andreini, Marco Casamonti, Silvia Fabi, Giovanni Polazzi.

Gestión proyecto Project management

Enrico Ancilli.

Arquitecto local Building site assistant

Andrea Antonucci, Wang Xinfang.

Consultor de estructuras Structural consultant

Favero & Milan Ingegneria,

Consultor de instalaciones MEP consultant

TIFS Ingegneria,

Iluminación Lightning supplier


Revestimientos Coating supplier

Pavimenti Italiani.

Instalación fotovoltaica Photovoltaic supplier

BO en Solar Company.

Fotos Photos

Marco Casamonti