Eggen Residential Building, Lucerne
First Prize

Eggen Residential Building, Lucerne

First Prize

One single piece groups all the apartments maximizing the open spaces; their location to the east of the plot and the facade composition emphasize the qualities of the environment, farmlands with few buildings, mountains to the north, and prairies to the east.

The apartments take up the full depth of the building with continuous balconies that provide an inhabited threshold from which residents can enjoy the landscape. The main structure is of concrete, while the terraces and facade are built with wood...

Obra Work
Edificio residencial Eggen, Lucerna Residential Building Eggen, Lucerne (Switzerland)

Cliente Client
AXA Investment Managers Schweiz AG

Arquitectos Architects
Caruso St John Architects (Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Florian Zierer)

Arquitecto de proyecto Project architect
Fatma Ben Amor (2018-2020), Ferdinand Schmidt (2021-)

Equipo Team
Federico Farinatti, Saori Katsube, Nora Walter, Alicia Hildbrand

Colaboradores Collaborators
Ghiggi Paesaggi Landschaft und Städtebau GmbH (paisajismo landscape architects); Ferrari Gartmann AG (estructura structural engineer); RMB Engineering (instalaciones services engineer), Nora Walker (renders visualizations)