Pilgerbrunnen Housing, Zurich
Second Prize

Pilgerbrunnen Housing, Zurich

Second Prize

Renovating the north and west buildings offers the opportunity to bring out the strengths of the place, improve the connection among spaces, transform the new children’s house, and provide an affordable and welcoming space for the families who live there.

All the apartments have large balconies that open out to the central courtyard: a protected garden with an undulated topography and a winding path that gives children the opportunity to experience through different playing areas and field of movement...[+]

Obra Work
Viviendas Pilgerbrunnen, Zúrich Pilgerbrunnen Housing, Zurich 

Cliente Client
Evangelischer Frauenbund Zürich (efz)

Arquitectos Architects
Caruso St John Architects (Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Michael Schneider)  

Arquitecto de proyecto Project architect
Carina Baumann

Equipo Team
Paula Holtmann, Patrick Arnold, Lucius Delsing, Nora Walter

Colaboradores Collaborators
Ghiggi Paesaggi Landschaft und Städtebau GmbH (paisajismo landscape architects); Ferrari Gartmann AG (estructura structural engineer); Enerpeak, Gruner, Kalt + Halbeisen (instalaciones services engineer), Nora Walker (renders visualizations)