Täby Park School, Stockholm
First Prize

Täby Park School, Stockholm

First Prize

Two wings of classrooms plus a central volume with common functions and the sports hall together form an open courtyard to the south. The main entrance at the corner opens up to an atrium that offers visual connections with the whole center...

Cliente Client

Täby Municipality

Arquitectos Architects

Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård

Equipo Team

Ibb Berglund (arquitecto de proyecto project architects), Hanna Michelson (project architect competition), Ellen Ordell Yazdi, Simon Nilsson, Samuel Vilson, Mårten Nettelbladt, Gustav Bergström, Mikael Stenqvist, Anna Török

Ingeniería de estructuras Structural engineer

Kåver & Mellin, Daniel Björklind 

Project manager 

RC Projekt & byggledning, Christian Hagerborg