Castizo Urban Politics, Madrid

Castizo Urban Politics, Madrid


During a first phase and based on civic participation and the interaction with users, the project seeks to make urban processes transparent and to relocate decision-making to their natural environments.

The project proposes a renovation based on negotiations and exchanges, where domestic spaces are delocated. The idea is to organize the time during which the existing spaces are used and to revalue spaces that go unnoticed.

Readable, transparent and easy to manipulate by the user, the project understands the systems as a metabolism, becoming shaded areas within an urban square, or indicators of climatic comfort conditions and of energy saved...[+]

Castizo Urban Politics
Castizo Urban Politics, Madrid

Arquitecto Architect
Álvaro Carrillo Eguilaz

Tutor Project Tutor
Eva Hurtado, Camilo García

Tutor de estructuras Structures Tutor
Xavier Aguiló

Tutor de instalaciones MEP Tutor
Beatriz Inglés

Tutor de construcción Construction Tutor
Susana Moreno

Tutor de urbanismo Urbanism Tutor
Ana Méndez de Andés